E-HOTS : Airbus Helicopters On Theatre Services

The E-HOTS Consortium

A division of Airbus Group, the Airbus Helicopters Group is the world's No. 1 helicopter manufacturer with more than 11,780 Airbus Helicopters helicopters in service across 148 countries. A strong international presence is ensured by its subsidiaries and participations in 21 countries, as well as a worldwide network of service centers, training facilities, distributors and certified agents. Airbus Helicopters offers the most comprehensive civil and military helicopter range in the world and is fully committed to safety as the most important aspect of its business.


Created in 1863 and present in 12 countries across the world, DAHER is an international tier-1 equipment and service supplier to the Aerospace & Defence, Nuclear & Energy and Capital Goods Industries sectors.

DAHER has proven capabilities in the field of transportation, logistics and management of armed forces in overseas operations, from diagnostics through to the implementation of adapted operational services: engineering, industrial services, logistics and transport solutions.

DCI group

With key operations in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and Africa, DCI is a worldwide service provider for specialist support. In the Training & Operations field, DCI offers all types of courses used within Armed Forces, from basic level to highly specialized programs and training (academic, operational and technical).

DCI Helicopter Services provides on theatre maintenance management, O & I level activities, as well as logistics and airworthiness management. With a majority of over 500 experts being active duty, reserve and retired military personnel, its unique and cross-disciplinary military culture enables a strong understanding of customer needs in-theatre.

Eurotradia International

Founded in 1921, Eurotradia International is a global consulting and services company with an active network of experts in over 50 countries.

Eurotradia's scope of activities includes: the definition of service offers for aircraft operators (flight capacity delivery, setting up of logistic bases), risk analysis, legal and financial assessment; the supply of civilian or military aeronautical maintenance equipment (parts, tools, dynamic components); and the assessment of companies in order to bring local support tailored to the customer's needs.

Vector Aerospace

Vector Aerospace is a global provider of aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services. Through facilities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Africa and Australia, it provides services to commercial and military customers for various types of gas turbine engines, components and helicopter airframes.

Adhering to strong customer service and military ethos, Vector Aerospace has significant experience in deployed maintenance operations.

Airbus Helicopters, DAHER, DCI, Eurotradia and Vector Aerospace have consolidated their expertise to introduce E-HOTS, an innovative support package aimed at significantly enhancing our customers’ capabilities in deployed operations.
  • Conflict zones.
  • Oil & Gas exploration.
  • Humanitarian and crisis relief missions.

For any type of deployment, E-HOTS represents an adaptable and cost-lowering solution.

Covering Maintenance, Logistics, Operations and Supplementary helicopter services, E-HOTS is designed as service ‘Modules’ which can be selected as needed, for as long as needed.

The ability to combine the resources of the five E-HOTS partners ensures that ready-to-use support packages specifically tailored the demanding operational needs of customers are available at a moment’s notice – all while remaining highly cost effective.

By using this innovative ‘pooling & sharing’ concept, a wide range of premium services are consolidated and managed under a single point of contact resulting in a simplified and reactive process for our customers.

The Consortium's turnkey support is suitable for any future operation. Benefits include:

  • All inclusive and versatile support to fill capability gaps or supplement resources in order to increase mission ability.
  • Ensure higher availability when needed, without the investment.
  • Improved value for money through cost-lowering mechanisms.
  • Services available in austere conditions, provided by experienced operators and the OEM.
  • Availability at short notice.
  • For multinational operations, facilitates pooling and sharing between customers to make the most of deployed resources.
  • Single point of contact to better coordinate outsourced services.
  • New leasing and operational assistance options.

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