E-HOTS : Airbus Helicopters On Theatre Services

Scope of Services

Core services


Scheduled Maintenance
  • Maintenance Level 1 (Flight line / O-level)
  • Maintenance Level 2 (Workshop / I-level)
  • Maintenance Level 3 (Deep / D-level)
  • Severe / special conditions (hot-humid/sandy/salty/cold environments)
Unscheduled Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance: Repairs, Troubleshooting, Tests, etc.
  • After event (Hard landing, Overtorque, Overspeed, Bird strike, Lightning strike, etc.)
  • Storage: Short / Medium-term (airframe, dynamic assemblies, engines : Prep/Maint/Return to Service)
  • Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) Specialist
Technical assistance
  • Service Bulletins/ Documentation management
  • Aircraft Configuration management
  • Maintenance planning optimization
  • Assisting Logisticians for orders preparation


  • International
  • On-theatre
  • Aerotransport Preparation & Loading/Unloading
Stock sizing
  • Preparation consultation of stock sizing & logistics scenario (deployment kit)
Spare parts leasing
  • Spare parts leasing of E-HOTS owned stock (certain items /platforms only)
Tools & AGE/GSE leasing
  • Tool leasing (Specific, non-specific), Support Equipment (AGE/GSE)
Consumables supply
  • Consumables supply
Maintenance container
  • Standard container (basic config: crane, workbenches, autonomous power & A/C, comms, etc)
  • Add-on Optionals (trailer wheels, etc)
  • Specially constructed & customized to needs (sealed environment, composite repair facility, etc)
Logistics Field representative


Aircraft leasing
  • Dry Lease (aircraft only)
  • Wet Lease (aircraft + maintenance / flight crew)
  • "Per request availability (Rescue hoists, fast rope, search lights, etc.)
Optional & equipment leasing
  • Per request availability (Rescue hoists, fast rope, search lights, etc.)


Supplementary Services

  • Base: Surveying, construction/upgrade; portable /inflatable hangers
  • Equipment: Portable Helipads w/lighting system, medical, sanitary, kitchen, comms, IT, etc.
  • Vehicles: Standard & Specific
Utilities managment
  • Power generation & distribution, waste, water, sewage, etc.
Aircraft fuel managment
  • Tanks, filtration, separation & distribution
Training: In-Theatre/Home Country
  • On the job training in-theatre
  • Preparation for deployment or withdrawl
Airbus Helicopters, DAHER, DCI, Eurotradia and Vector Aerospace have consolidated their expertise to introduce E-HOTS, an innovative support package aimed at significantly enhancing our customers’ capabilities in deployed operations.
  • Conflict zones.
  • Oil & Gas exploration.
  • Humanitarian and crisis relief missions.

For any type of deployment, E-HOTS represents an adaptable and cost-lowering solution.

Covering Maintenance, Logistics, Operations and Supplementary helicopter services, E-HOTS is designed as service ‘Modules’ which can be selected as needed, for as long as needed.

The ability to combine the resources of the five E-HOTS partners ensures that ready-to-use support packages specifically tailored the demanding operational needs of customers are available at a moment’s notice – all while remaining highly cost effective.

By using this innovative ‘pooling & sharing’ concept, a wide range of premium services are consolidated and managed under a single point of contact resulting in a simplified and reactive process for our customers.

The Consortium's turnkey support is suitable for any future operation. Benefits include:

  • All inclusive and versatile support to fill capability gaps or supplement resources in order to increase mission ability.
  • Ensure higher availability when needed, without the investment.
  • Improved value for money through cost-lowering mechanisms.
  • Services available in austere conditions, provided by experienced operators and the OEM.
  • Availability at short notice.
  • For multinational operations, facilitates pooling and sharing between customers to make the most of deployed resources.
  • Single point of contact to better coordinate outsourced services.
  • New leasing and operational assistance options.

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